The Literary Drover No. 5214

A Writer, by nature, by necessity, is a Teacher, a Student.

  • James C. Hess

The Literary Drover No. 5212

A Writer is an Individual who engages the world through insatiable curiosity, and transmutes it through writing.

  • James C. Hess

The Literary Drover No. 3089

I have been asked if I can tell if a Writer knows their voice, based on the first paragraph of their writing.


  • They establish and sustain a consistent tone throughout the writing.
  • They express a distinction in the interplay of the narrative.
  • They convince the audience the character is real.
  • They are their own person, as a Writer.

The Literary Drover No. 3088

I have been asked if I can tell if a Writer can write – based on the first paragraph.

Oh, yes:

  • They have a solid grasp of and love for language.
  • They know how to set the tone and atmosphere, and waste no effort doing so.
  • They are smart; smart enough to write something that entertains, enlightens, and educates.
  • They are clever; clever enough to exploit a narrative element that attracts and engages the audience.
  • They embrace visual writing.
  • They engage the audience on an emotional level, and will not let go until the tale is told.
  • Simply, they take control of the story from the first word. They know the craft of writing, the character of the story, the reality, and they know how to tell the story.

The Literary Drover No. 3020

I loathe mediocrity. I refuse to accept the reality where good intentions take precedent over excellence and actual accomplishment.

Mention is made of this personal preference because it explains why I have started blocking specific blogs on WordPress. I have no interest in and zero tolerance for blogs and bloggers whose sole purpose is to inconvenience me with spam.

Equally, if your blog actually contributes to what I call “The Conversation” I will promote your efforts to the point you ask that I cease and desist because the ensuing success is almost overwhelming.

This year I have a goal and I encourage you to pursue it as well: Let’s realize the true potential of Social Media. Let’s make it a worthwhile pursuit and resource by producing quality content.

The Literary Drover No. 3019

As some know I am an advocate of the winter sport known as “Snowshoeing”. Because of the proximity of my home to many places when snowshoeing takes place it makes sense to write about them. For example, Rocky Mountain National Park; more specifically, a location called “Bear Lake”.

The day I went snowshoeing a weather system had delivered more than six inches of fresh snow, and at high altitude it is a workout without equal. Climbing about one thousand feet in elevation over two miles, and crossing the frozen Dream Lake was a wonder and delight. Along the way, which involved breaking trail, there was opportunity to encounter and marvel at wind-sculpted drifts.


The Literary Drover No. 3018

It is my opinion, based on experience, that the Naturalists, the Natural Writers, like Thoreau, Emerson, Whitman, and John Muir achieved what they realized in Life because they were deeply connected to a place of calm and depth, balance and purpose, which took the form of Nature.

They did not come to this source by accident. Everything came about through awareness and purpose by being part of Nature instead of presuming that they were above it. – James C. Hess