The Literary Drover No. 4210

It has been suggested that Barnes and Nobles may not survive the end of 2018. You know what to do: Buy a book. MINE!


The Literary Drover No. 4209

Hello to the fans of The Jhon Collector Mysteries in Brentwood, TN.! Thank YOU for your support!

The Literary Drover No. 4208

The only tool you will need to succeed on Social Media is the block function. Use the block function along with relevant criteria and your Social Media experience will be without equal:

* Block spammers.

* Block accounts that go off-topic.

* Block accounts that use explicit threats, insults, and profanity.

If every worthwhile Social Media account did this every day imagine what could be achieved with Social Media for the greater good.

The Literary Drover No. 4206

A reader of this blog sent a note of praise, regarding my prolific efforts here. It might seem modest, but the truth is I work at it almost every day, so my output is not as impressive as one might assume.

But that is what Life is about, and should be about: Working at it each and every day to produce a result worth noting.