The Literary Drover No. 3650

I have not, I do not, and I will not promote this blog. It seems a contradictory action because Social Media in general is about self-promotion.

The decision to forgo promoting this blog was made because I wanted to affirm or negate a suspicion I had about Social Media in general. I wanted to answer a related question: How many people who use Social Media look for other examples of Social Media that will advance, benefit, and fulfill them personally and professionally? The suspicion I had about Social Media in general was that most Social Media is not about producing content that is worthwhile to others but only for one person – the person who created it.

By not promoting this blog, by leaving others to discover it by searching Social Media or by way of endorsement from others I believe that I determined the answer to my question and I affirmed that most of Social Media is a waste of resources. I also concluded that those who learn about this blog by their own actions – searching Social Media for worthwhile efforts – or by way of endorsement by others doing the same, I have established a following of individuals determined to do something worthwhile, something that will advance, better, and fulfill them personally and professionally.

With this information in hand I turn my efforts to a new pursuit: Making this blog a worthwhile resource through my writing, and what I write about; doing so, I believe, can and will benefit one other person. In turn, they will do the same for another, and that will continue.

Perhaps, someday, all of Social Media will serve the greater good.