The Literary Drover No. 5116

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The Literary Drover No. 3062

Those who would hold me up and consider me a hero are misplaced in their accolades and praises, because the reason I abandoned Twitter did not have to do with their lack of morals and ethics, their willingness to condone fraud. I stopped using Twitter because of their partisan politics, which embraced censorship.

If I were to reach, in a feeble attempt to garner this undue honor, I might make the argument that politics by their nature are fraudulent, and the actions on the part of Twitter are an expression of this deceit.

I prefer honesty and truth. Twitter does not, and for this they shall pay, soon.

A growing number of people who use Social Media are following me in my choices, abandoning first Facebook and then Twitter. Many are establishing their own blogs – like this one – and from these not-so lofty heights, demonstrating through the written deed how to live a life worth living.


The Literary Drover No. 3061

A note from a friend of many years named Jay, who wrote to tell me that he has ended his relationship with Facebook.

The reason is more than interesting.

Jay is a natural-born teacher, who can teach almost anyone anything.

He established a Facebook account because he wanted to create a Facebook group, which was originally intended to be an extension of his teaching methods and processes.

Initially the group was visible to anyone. That fact alone may provide explanation for why the membership of the group eventually grew to more than 100,000. (Jay once told me with pride that the actual membership number was 121, 217 members.)

Unlike some groups almost every member was initially inclined to participate. But as such things tend to go a member of the group decided to cause trouble by being rude and disrespectful to other members of the group. The troublemaker was warned and then banned from the group. Jay also changed the visibility setting from “Public” to ‘Private’. He also posted rules of engagement for the group and the members of the group.

Again, problems resulted because a number of members in the group considered it a challenge – to break the rules. Every rule breaker was banned from the group and Jay changed the setting from “Private” to ‘Closed’.

In an ideal situation the evolution and maturity of the group would have ensued success for all. In reality Jay found that he had a growing number of members of the group who had joined not to learn and teach as he did but to cause problems and trouble.

One by one they were banned and Jay made it known that he would end the group if members did not obey the rules. A number of members of the group, appreciative of Jay’s methods and processes, offered to monitor the group and ban those who failed to obey the rules and chose not to contribute to the success of the group.

Jay accepted the generous offer but quickly learned that for every member of the group willing to violate the rules and be banned there were at least ten more ready and willing to take over for them. The administrators of the group became more aggressive in enforcement of the rules in an effort to preserve the intention of the group.

The result was a drop in membership: This member was banned and at least four more left the group to show their support troublemaking.

Jay made it known to the remaining members that it was his intention to provide an environment conducive to learning and teaching, based on his efforts in the real world. If his intention failed because of a few wanting to sabotage him he would terminate the group.

Contrary to the misinformed opinions of critics Jay is not a control freak or a vengeful person. He only desires to better the world through what he has to offer as a natural-born teacher. To accomplish this goal he pursued a drastic change: About a year ago he told the administrators of the Facebook group to look for members of the group who contributed to its success, and get their names. Jay then contacted those few worthwhile individuals and told them that he had established a new effort for learning and teaching.

It is a blog, much like this one.

Over time, through the banning of members on Facebook, and migrating to his new environment Jay realized that he no longer needed Facebook.

After receiving his note about his actions I asked if I should provide a link her for his blog. He told me I could do so but he also informed me that the blog is hidden. Unless you are extended an invitation and you join you cannot find the blog.

I was extended an invitation and I joined. It is almost paradise because of the enthusiasm and passion for learning and teaching expressed with each post and each response.

Because his blog is unseen to the world and because mine is I have decided to add an element here, one that champions learning and teaching. I intend to do so through writing, specifically my writing.

Stay tuned.