The Literary Drover No. 2003

When not writing I can be found outdoors, and it is a great honor and pleasure to know a kindred spirit or two.

Consider the following, captured by one such type:

The Literary Drover No. 1482

A gentle admonishment from a follower, who politely requested that I write about my writing projects.

You ask, I do. One of my projects involves the outdoors. As some know there are things that go bump in the night, and include the mountain lion.

I know the individual who shot the following videos, and he never disappoints with his vast body of knowledge:

The Literary Drover No. 432

But when we need release from the stress that civilization imposes, we don’t look at skyscrapers. We go to unmarked deserts, uncut forests, unpolluted shores. We breathe air with no stench of traffic fumes. We see animals that should remind us that we are not the only creatures that inhabit the earth. We return home refreshed and strengthened. – Olive Ghiselin