The Literary Drover No. 5268

So . . . the wheels are coming off. Sans high speeds. Huh:

The Literary Drover No. 5044

It comes as no surprise: A member of the news media is calling for censorship. Whatever respect the news media in general once had is gone with this opinion because the news media claims to be the defender of The First Amendment to the United States of America Constitution, Free Speech, and yet seeks to erode and denegrate the very thing they claim to protect.

The Literary Drover No. 4992

You brought this on yourselves:

The Literary Drover No. 4968

So much for truth and facts where the news media is concerned nowadays:

The Literary Drover No. 4350

Despite the gentle reminder that I do not “do” interviews on a regular basis a ‘professional’ in the news media intrudes on my life, and attempts to get an interview out of me.

Recently, a member of the news media where I live intruded on my life with an e-mail, wanting to know my opinion as a Writer about the censorship now taking place by Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.

I did not respond to the question, the interview, but I will answer the question here: I have no patience for censorship.

The Literary Drover No. 4348

As I get older I find increasingly that I prefer simple. In order to achieve simplicity in my life I have made an effort to exclude anything that would contradict this. For example, I no longer post to Facebook or Twitter because they do not make my life simple.

Another example of pursuing and realizing simplicity in my life is the exclusion of media that does not contribute to my life. I speak, of course, of the news media.

The Literary Drover No. 4340

First, I know the gentleman who made the video. Second, I would rather watch this again and again than to be subjected to the self-serving nonsense of the news media, politicians, and Hollywood because what bears do in the woods is far more rewarding and worthwhile:

The Literary Drover No. 4330

Learn. Know. Understand:

The Literary Drover No. 4328

The definition of professional journalism in the United States of America includes publishing threats against elected officials? If true, no thanks:

The Literary Drover No. 4140

The declaration that the news media is no longer part of my media diet provoked an unexpected response. A number of responses, specifically, which want to know what that means.

I do not subscribe to newspapers. I do not watch television news. I have a weather radio with several frequencies dedicated to weather forecasts. Where I live all I need to know is the weather.

Because so much of the news media has been corrupted by partisan politics it no longer has a value or worth in my life, and I have discarded it – it is no longer part of my media diet.

Like the removal of junk food from my diet the exclusion of the news media from my media diet has resulted in improved living for me. I sleep better at night, and I am more focused during the day. Jointly this has led to an increase in my productivity.