The Literary Drover No. 3110

Another reason for why I no longer use Twitter is because of the fraud allowed on Twitter. An example of the rampant fraud on Twitter is the account that belongs to a specific politician. When he was in elected office he had no more than 15,000,000 followers. Now that he is out of office he supposedly has more than 100,000,000 followers on Twitter. Given the fact Twitter does not have more than 350,000,000 accounts this suggests that one in three accounts on Twitter users follow this politician. Research the Twitter accounts that supposedly follow this politician and find that more than two out of three are fake accounts.

Which Twitter refuses to terminate, implying they accept fraud as part of their reality and culture.

I would rather have one hundred real followers on this blog instead of one hundred million fake followers because my ego is not that tenuous. I would rather make a difference with my writing in the lives of one hundred individuals than to be the cause of one hundred million people realizing their lives are fraudulent.

Until such time that Twitter cleans up its act by prohibiting fraud on its Social Media platform and rewarding honesty I will refuse to use it. I will encourage others to do the same.

The Literary Drover No. 3109

Amaud Nourry, CEO of Hachette Livre, was recently quoted as saying “The E-Book is a Stupid Product”.

Mr. Nourry may know business but he fails to understand how reading, which results in the sale of books, works. If an e-book can attract a sale, and that sale results in the sale of more books – e-books and traditional books alike – how can this be a ‘stupid product’?

Based on my experiences with e-books I know certain things.

I know that people who want to read will buy and read e-books. I also know that people who buy books just because they want to be part of the in crowd are unlikely to buy an e-book.

I know that an e-book can and does make a difference in the life of those who read and will continue to read because reading engages, entertains, enlightens, and educates them.

Perhaps Mr. Nourry does not know the value of such things and that provides explanation for his quote.

I suspect Mr. Nourry does not read. Therefore, he has no time for reading, and learning.

The Literary Drover No. 3106

I stopped posting to Twitter because the overall reality became undeniable. Like Facebook Twitter is not about reality. It is about make-believe. “Fake-believe” is a more accurate assessment of the overall reality of the Social Media platform.

Awhile back I decided to confirm or negate a growing suspicion I had about Twitter: I sampled 1,000 individual accounts on Twitter and determined that all but one was generated by bots. Based on that sample ninety-nine percent of all accounts on Twitter are fake.

Given that fact what is the point of using a Social Media platform that is not real? Why expend energy and effort promoting yourself, your work when there are so few real people to receive notification of your accomplishments?

This is not to suggest WordPress is not without its share of fraud. No matter the Social Media platform there will be fraud in the form of bots, spam, spammers – just to name three of the more obvious forms. A difference is that WordPress favors what is known as “long-form content”, and that requires the presenting of the human expression through the written word. How many words are required to accomplish this intention? Far more than 280 characters, as allowed on Twitter.

Will I return to Twitter? Not in the foreseeable future.

The Literary Drover No. 3104

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