The Literary Drover No. 5054

There’s a story here. (Aside: In an upcoming Jhon Collector mystery there is a storyline about such things.)\

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The Literary Drover No. 5048


The Literary Drover No. 4588

Artists, take note:

The Literary Drover No. 4548

I prefer Art for Art’s sake. But what do I know:

The Literary Drover No. 4444

A related question – should Art have a moral compass:

The Literary Drover No. 4092

A forthcoming Jhon Collector mystery includes a reference to Albert Bierstadt. Apparently his work had a greater influence on my work than I first realized. But such things are always nice to know:

The Literary Drover No. 3752

When pursued with reverence and respect Writing transcends Craft to become Art. When framed by unwavering morals and uncompromising ethics Writing as Art becomes True Art. – James C. Hess

The Literary Drover No. 3712

Learn. Know. Understand: