The Literary Drover No. 1718

From notes made on the human condition:

Attending church one Sunday I found myself seated next to a young girl who was pleasantly quiet. That is, until the usher – a sunburned, white-haired older man with a barrel chest and thick forearms – came through to direct parishioners for communion. The young girl looked at him in awe, and said, loudly, “Are you God’s bouncer?”

The Literary Drover No. 1717

Reference to the Golden Eagle has brought additional interest to The Jhon Collector Mysteries. Mention of personal experience has resulted in, conservatively, a deluge of communications from people wanting to know more.

You ask, I do:

The Golden Eagle preys mainly on small to medium-sized mammals, which include hares, rabbits, ground squirrels, prairie dogs, and marmots. The black-tailed jackrabbit, considered a keystone species for the Golden Eagle, is favored.

A Golden Eagle may pursue larger prey, which includes cranes, swans, deer, and domestic livestock, and have been observed killing mountain goats, bighorn sheep, pronghorn, coyotes, badgers, and bobcats. When necessary, the Golden Eagle will eat fish and carrion.

The Literary Drover No. 1716

The Writer’s Grand Slam No. 28: To the Barnes and Noble bookstore in Jonesboro, Arkansas, which carries my book, Another Name for Paradise: A Journey through the History and Nature of Northern Colorado, Second Edition: THANK YOU!

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