The Literary Drover No. 4200

I know: By mentioning this I am only encouraging it, but I want to know – what is the definition of “white people”?


The Literary Drover No. 4199

Hello to the fans of The Jhon Collector Mysteries in Myrtle Beach, SC.! Thank YOU for your support!

The Literary Drover No. 4194

The Art of Conversation is not dead. The Art of Conversation is not dying. The Art of Conversation is not outdated or obsolete. The Art of Conversation endures. I believe that the Art of Conversation is stronger and more vibrant than ever before. But it requires dedication and commitment on the part of participants.

The Literary Drover No. 4192

Every time a talented, acclaimed, and award-winning Writer passes the remainder of the human race bemoans the loss with self-serving pity; explicitly or implicitly suggesting that there is no more talent to be had.

Only if you say so.

I believe otherwise. I know otherwise. I know that there is writing talent Out There that will not only step forward, and stand shoulder to shoulder with literary greats and giants, but that they will surpass those who have come before them.