The Literary Drover No. 3090

The character Jhon Collector is a member of the Lakhota Nation. In order to bring authenticity to the stories featuring him I decided to research the history, the culture, and the food.

The Lakhota believe that food is sacred. Without food there is no life, and food is, therefore, given proper respect.

Over many years the Lakhota developed ways to obtain food where they lived. Men and women had separate, well-defined roles when it came to obtaining food.

The primary food source was American bison, which is an excellent source of low-fat protein. It was supplemented by other game, fish, fruits, and vegetables that were gathered or traded.

Because food is so important to the Lakhota it holds an equal place with customs, and from this many stories and ceremonies concerning Lakhota traditional have been created and perpetuated.


The Literary Drover No. 3089

I have been asked if I can tell if a Writer knows their voice, based on the first paragraph of their writing.


  • They establish and sustain a consistent tone throughout the writing.
  • They express a distinction in the interplay of the narrative.
  • They convince the audience the character is real.
  • They are their own person, as a Writer.

The Literary Drover No. 3088

I have been asked if I can tell if a Writer can write – based on the first paragraph.

Oh, yes:

  • They have a solid grasp of and love for language.
  • They know how to set the tone and atmosphere, and waste no effort doing so.
  • They are smart; smart enough to write something that entertains, enlightens, and educates.
  • They are clever; clever enough to exploit a narrative element that attracts and engages the audience.
  • They embrace visual writing.
  • They engage the audience on an emotional level, and will not let go until the tale is told.
  • Simply, they take control of the story from the first word. They know the craft of writing, the character of the story, the reality, and they know how to tell the story.