The Literary Drover No. 2640

My studies and observations of the Golden Eagle have resulted in researching online, in libraries, and, of course, in the field. I find inspirations in the efforts of others, and believe that my work contributes to the overall body of knowledge, ever growing:


The Literary Drover No. 2637

Previously I mentioned that I took a short break from this effort to plan for the next phase of a project now eleven months old.

The next phase includes the war now underway against independent booksellers around the world.

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The Literary Drover No. 2636

Reference to the Golden Eagle has brought additional interest to The Jhon Collector Mysteries. Mention of personal experience has resulted in, conservatively, a deluge of communications from people wanting to know more.

You ask, I do:

The Golden Eagle is considered a keystone predator. That is, a species that is a main consumer and population control of prey species within a system. The Golden Eagle is primarily a carnivore. The food base for it is comprised of fish, mammals, reptiles, and smaller birds. A lack or decline in the Golden Eagle population is often a reflection of changes in the prey species, evidenced by a lack of presence or decline in the prey species.