The Literary Drover No. 4040

I tell others – presumably those interested – what it is I do, how I do it, and why.

I do not post to Facebook. I do not post to Twitter.

For The Writer Twitter is a contradiction because of the constraint of the platform. (140? 280 characters?)

For The Writer Facebook in general amounts to an act of self-abuse because the culture, the environment, and the reality encourage and cultivate hate and hatemongering, abuse, insult, and threat. Individually and collectively they serve to distract and defeat The Writer, who could and should be spending time available writing, mastering the Craft and the Art of Writing.

I have not posted to Facebook for several years, and my life is better for it. I sleep well because I have not been upset by the aforementioned context of Facebook. I am focused and productive each day because the degrading nature of Facebook is not a part of my life. When I posted to Facebook it seemed to me everything was disjointed and fragmented. I rectified the unsettling and unnerving experience by going cold-turkey when it came to leaving Facebook. The same was true for Twitter.

As a Writer I prefer the format of the blog, which lends itself to the development of thought subsequently expressed through the written word. On Facebook and Twitter I did not find this to be true, and I had the constant sense that I would bump into or trip over the furnishings. I found the experience confining and restrictive compared to the freedom the blog offers.

In this freedom I practice the Craft and Art of Writing. In this freedom I am a Writer.

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