The Literary Drover No. 4036

Several years ago I was invited to join an exclusive on-line writing group, which counted among its members well-known literary types. Because I wanted to succeed as a member I did not advance opinion that might be considered disrespectful or rude. I did not insult others and always expressed civility.

Despite this Sunday morning behavior I was contacted by an administrator of the group, who informed me that if I did not ask a question of the group and soon I would be “encouraged” to leave the group.

I asked a question.

The response involved a feather pillow being disemboweled and tar heated, with the combined mass to be applied to my person.

What was it I asked that so offended and outraged?

Question: How important is honesty in writing.

Long story short: I voluntarily left the group because I realized that the collective response indicated that honesty in writing is neither valued nor encouraged.

Years later, in a quiet moment, as I consider the slow death of media – television, cinema, Social Media – I consider that circumstance and have concluded that the lack of honesty in writing has contributed much to the provocation. But I have also determined that media can be saved from demise by practicing honesty in writing. Those who do so will succeed and media will endure for another day.

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