The Literary Drover No. 3191

Come the first days of March my friend Duane cleans house. The significance of this declaration is that Duane is an all-or-nothing type of person, so cleaning house means cleaning house.

I became aware of his tendency for the first time when he invited me to his home several years ago and encountered a hulking medium blue construction dumpster in the driveway. He explained that after living in his home for about five years he realized that he was unable to properly use his oversized garage which would overwise shelter two, one-ton pickup trucks and a Mini Cooper because it was crammed full of. . . stuff. (This is a family-oriented blog, so the more accurate and appropriate term to describe the contents has been sacrified.)

Duane started throwing stuff into the recycling bins issued by his local municipality and found that they quickly filled. He then filled the modest trash bin also provided by the city and decided a dumpster would be more useful. When that was filled he rented a construction dumpster.

It was almost full the day I arrived.

After about two hours of work Duane and I filled it, and another construction dumpster was rented to finish the job.

To prevent a repeat of the experience Duane cleans house the first days of March. He recycles what he cans, and sends the rest to the local landfill. He cleans, polishes, sanitizes, buffs, vacuums, scrubs, scours, and makes the house almost picture perfect.

Starting this year, in a manner of speaking, I have taken to cleaning house – where this blog is concerned. I have established a list of blocked e-mail accounts that belong to spammers. I have noted domains and IP addresses where spam and other nonsense originate from. I have deleted e-mails that are off-topic and irrelevant to the content of this blog. I have created and maintain a list of people who read my writing and financially support my efforts by purchasing copies of my books.

I am cleaning house.

In doing so I have determined that this exercise is a wortwhile undertaking. The number of people who have attempted to waste my time has dropped dramatically. The number of people who support my writing as increased substantially. The reach of this blog through the audience has grown beyond expectation and  . . .

I have yet to start the purge, which will require a construction dumpster.

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