The Literary Drover No. 3171

Things I know for certain about Life, about achieving success and happiness:

Avoid anything and everyone who deny you the quality of life you expect.

Everyone knows someone who is toxic because they get under your skin and stay there. They complain about everyone and everything. They are late. They borrow money and don’t pay it back. They blame others for their failures, mistakes, and shortcomings. They distract you because they are not appreciative, grateful, or thankful for anyone or anything.

Avoid them. The world is filled with individuals who deserve to have you as part of their life.

Get a good night’s sleep by turning off technology.

Appreciate the now.

Peace and happiness come to each individual in unique ways, but for everyone gratitude is a certain path to each.  Simply, appreciate what you have instead of what you don’t have.

Perception is not always accurate.

Just because a co-worker seems successful and happy does not mean that they are. It could be an illusion. Be open to possibility and surprises, and welcome each.

Set goals that are realistic.

Many people want to lose weight or save money. Start small and eventually the biggest success can be yours.

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