The Literary Drover No. 2682

The past month or so (as I write this) has been a difficult time for Hollywood. The summer box office failed to produce the desired financial results, and the growing number of scandals of a sexual nature has brought more than one production to a close.

Although I don’t live in Hollywood I hear about what goes on in Hollywood from those who choose to do so. Increasingly, conversations of late have included thinking aloud about moving from Hollywood and The Question, directed toward me: How did you know? How did you know this would happen?

I could pretend that I possessed some great wisdom years ago and decided that living somewhere other than Hollywood proper would be the best choice for me. The truth is I decided that Hollywood proper lacked appeal for me because it does not have what I call “reality”. For me reality is about life, and about living life. It is about the smells and sounds associated with branding cattle (yes, some still hold to that particular method instead of more modern and high-tech methods involving micro-chips). It is about the experience that comes after a warm summer rain or a bitter white cold winter. It is about working hard and enjoying the results of my labor and knowing that I came to them honestly, sincerely, and truthfully.

This is not to suggest or assert that those who make their living in Hollywood are not honest and truthful and sincere. I know many who make their livings in the land of shadows and light who are honest, truthful, and sincere. I also know that these same people, of late, have given thought aloud to moving somewhere else, where they do not have to worry about sexual predation, perversion, and deviancy. Where their children and families are safe and have little or no concern about something or someone who finds immorality acceptable, so long as it is called “Art”.

Pardon my digression, and returning to my original point: I believe that Hollywood is once more facing a time of self-reflection and meditation on what the future should hold. Every time a concern, a crisis like the latest one occurs there is suggestion from afar that these may be the end of days for Hollywood.

Only time will tell.

The Literary Drover No. 2681

More than ten months into this particular adventure the time has come to pause and reflect on what has happened, what has been accomplished, and gauge it against desire, intention, and reality.

Simply put, I have accomplished far more than I originally hoped I would. My desires have been exceeded far beyond expectation; my intention has been fulfilled a thousand times over, and the reality of the situation is a dream come true.

Which brings me to another aspect of this undertaking: For me each day is a gift, each day is unique, not to be repeated or match. I do not consider these things lightly nor do I take them for granted. As expression of this appreciation, thanks, and gratitude I am taking my writing to a new level.

As I have pursued this journey more than a few people have contacted me wanting to know how they can achieve what I have achieved. It seems appropriate, then, that I offer what I can, based on my experiences.

Stay tuned.

The Literary Drover No. 2677

Winter approaches. GET YOUR SNOWSHOEING ON!

Things to know about snowshoeing include:

Snowshoeing lets you go where others cannot go.

If you can walk you can snowshoe. Snowmobiles and skis require maneuvering room, but snowshoes do not, so long as there is room to put them down safely.

The Literary Drover No. 2674

My studies and observations of the Golden Eagle have resulted in researching online, in libraries, and, of course, in the field. I find inspirations in the efforts of others, and believe that my work contributes to the overall body of knowledge, ever growing.