The Literary Drover No. 2547

Previously I mentioned that I took a short break from this effort to plan for the next phase of a project now eight months old.

The next phase includes the war now underway against independent booksellers around the world.

The need to support independent booksellers around the world grows each day. Ensure their existence by purchasing books in person or online from independent booksellers in Calabasas, CA.!

The Literary Drover No. 2546

Reference to the Golden Eagle has brought additional interest to The Jhon Collector Mysteries. Mention of personal experience has resulted in, conservatively, a deluge of communications from people wanting to know more.

You ask, I do:

A Golden Eagle nest is often constructed of large twigs or roots, and may be lined with moss, bark, fur, and other soft material. Over time the nest become quite large, as much as eight to ten feet across and three to four feet deep or more.

The Literary Drover No. 2545

The Writer’s Grand Slam No. 90: To the Barnes and Noble bookstore in Palmdale, CA., which carries my book, Scene Of A Crime/For Unto Us: THANK YOU!

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