The Literary Drover No. 1966


As I have achieved success with my writing requests have come asking for assistance in the matter. Because I am successful with my writing time is the most precious commodity I have after ability, skill, and talent, so taking time away from writing to talk about how to succeed as a Writer is problematic, at best, and self-defeating, at worst.

Because time became a challenge when it came to promoting my books I decided the best way to promote and market my books was by way of Social Media, specifically this blog.

The same approach will be used when it comes to explaining how to succeed as a Writer.

Fundamentally, success is about establishing and fulfilling requirements.

The tenth requirement for success as a Writer: If you have one, get rid of your To-Do List, and replace it with a Goals List. A To-Do List is like a New Year’s Resolution List – you know you are unlikely to keep resolutions and you know you are unlikely to complete your To-Do List, so get rid of it. Commit to success. Set and achieve goals through a Goals List.


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