The Literary Drover No. 1892


While doing research for The Jhon Collector Mysteries I made the acquaintance of an individual determined to preserve the Lakhota language, culture, and history. In time, as I fumbled my way through the language in an effort to bring authenticity to the stories I was writing this acquaintance became more than just a resource I consulted regularly, and when The Jhon Collector Mysteries SCENE OF A CRIME/FOR UNTO US was published they championed the book.

I am forever in their debt for the information they provided me and their patience, which rivaled that of the biblical Job, and when they told me that they had made a decision and they would like me to be part of that decision I was honored. For several reasons they have decided to end their efforts where the Lakhota culture, history, and language are concerned, and they asked if I would be interested in assuming the role of curator for the resource they created over several years. I have agreed to assume responsibility for this resource and will, over time, incorporate it into my work.

As some know I also maintain a blog about the Lakhota language. The resource I am now responsible for will become part of that blog.


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