The Literary Drover No. 1735

As is often the case, while doing research, I came across “Agon”, the Greek word for struggle or contest. The idea within the concept encompasses almost everything that is good about the honest struggle between competing ideas. It is the root of the word “agony”, which is intriguing owing to the evolved contradiction now present in what pretends to be conversation because “agony” has come to mean only pain associated with intense suffering. If the word is considered as it should be it requires a broader and more useful meaning, especially where the self-destructive and self-abusing pursuit of politics is concerned, with the focus on those who declare themselves “Liberal”. What has been lost on these self-styled intellects is the accepted requirement that they should engage in competition with conservatives or anyone else who would dare disagree with them. For reasons only they know they are attempting to create a painless, pain-free, struggle-free existence, and doing so in the name of controlling everything and everyone, down to the individual destiny.

As those who dwell in reality know this cannot work. A pain-free, struggle-free existence has never and will never exist. It is, in a word, impossible, with the explanation equally succinct: Humanity is not and cannot be perfect; we are faulty and imperfect. As those who choose reality also know and accept how we pursue life involves the recognition and embracing of this basic struggle.

Politically it can be asserted that this is the difference between the conservative and the liberal.

I am infuriating more than a few with this opinion, so I might as well pursue the full-blown alienation: The liberal does not believe in the dialectical method of thesis-antithesis-synthesis, and this refusal has produced a blind spot born of laziness and pursuit of shortcuts. Unfortunately, this has manifested in the concept of “Politics of personal destruction”: I’m right, you’re wrong because I am a liberal and you ain’t.

The recent election involving candidates for public office in the State of Georgia as well as the election of Donald J. Trump has resulted in this childish undertaking to reach new levels: Instead approaching their efforts of persuading others to agree with them with honesty those who embrace the philosophy of “Liberal” have chosen dishonesty, and that has provided for the demise of their political platform.

Although I keep all politics at arm’s length (much in the same way one might hold a loaded diaper, filled with the odious and rank by-products of a newborn), I do not want to see an end to the Democratic Party. So a suggestion: A new platform, which will require new leadership. The current leaders of the Democratic Party are consumed with building bigger and bigger personal political fortunes at the expense of the United States of America. The outcome will not be nice, and many will suffer, giving new definition to “Agony”.


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