The Literary Drover No. 1587

The aftermath of the Kathy Griffin nonsense continues, and it has taken a personal turn – for the better, I think.

A friend and supporter of my writing, who buys a copy of each of my books as they come available, told me recently that if I persisted in my blocking of Kathy Griffin and anyone who supports her I would stand to lose big time where the sale of my books are concerned.

I did some research and learned that she claims to have more than two million followers on Twitters. If all of her followers were to boycott me for blocking Griffin I would lose several million dollars in royalties because they would not buy my books. I can live with that.

I prefer to have a thousand people who contribute to my life and know that they do so through honesty, sincerity, and authenticity than to have two million sycophants ready and willing to betray me at a moment’s notice, and if that takes the form of a multi-million loss on my books, so be it.

Addendum: As I was writing this opinion word came that Jim Carrey has come out in defense of Kathy Griffin. There’s another 16 million sales lost. It could be as much as 48 million. But I can live with that. Unlike Kathy Griffin and Jim Carrey I live honestly and sincerely, and what I do matters more than I do.


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