The Literary Drover No. 1542

I think that a preoccupation with originality of form is more or less a fruitless thing. A truly original person with a truly original mind will not be able to function in the old form and will simply do something different. – Stanley Kubrick

The Literary Drover No. 1541

Reference to the Golden Eagle has brought additional interest to The Jhon Collector Mysteries. Mention of personal experience has resulted in, conservatively, a deluge of communications from people wanting to know more.

You ask, I do: The Golden Eagle is one of the largest and fastest raptors in North America. I have been driving at fifty miles an hour and a Golden Eagle has flown parallel to my vehicle for a substantial distance before breaking off. Now that is impressive, I think.

The Literary Drover No. 1540

The Writer’s Grand Slam No. 16: To the Barnes and Noble bookstores in Spanish Fort, Alabama, which carries my book, Another Name for Paradise: A Journey through the History and Nature of Northern Colorado, Second Edition: THANK YOU!

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