The Literary Drover No. 1390

It cannot be said enough – to Barnes and Noble, Schaumburg, IL.!

THANK YOU for carrying my books!


The Literary Drover No. 1389

Hello to the fans of The Jhon Collector Mysteries in Scottsdale, AZ.!

Thank you for your support!

The Literary Drover No. 1387

Thank you to Barnes and Noble, in Phoenix, Arizona, for carrying Another Name for Paradise: A Journey through the History and Nature of Northern Colorado, Second Edition.

The Literary Drover No. 1382

Regardless of the industry or pursuit everyone needs The Writer, and few, if any, respect The Writer. In our post-literate world this love-hate dynamic is more pronounced than ever.

Despite the unwavering facts of the matter – The Writer starts with a blank page and produces work for those who come after, which may include an affluent lifestyle, an expensive home or two, and prominence in society overall – once the end is established, more often than not with the clichéd phrase “The End”, the preferred perspective of many toward The Writer is to see back of them leaving: The End.

Regardless of this status The Writer can realize justice (for lack of a better word): Quality. Produce a quality product and realize the worth, the value, the purpose, the function of writing.