The Literary Drover No. 1362


While doing research for the Jhon Collector Mysteries I came across the following. It is worth repeating many times. Learn. Know. Understand:



Spirituality is a core component of life for the Lakota people. They believe Mother Earth is sacred, and so they honor and respect her greatly. They give thanks to the Creator daily through living consciously and also by praying to the Great Spirit. The Lakota people believe that the land doesn’t belong to us, but rather that we belong to the land. As such, they recite daily prayers of thanks to Mother Earth and Great Spirit for all they continue to bless us with and for the great privilege and honor of life.


Another central teaching to the Lakota people, they believe in honoring and respecting all life. The dragonfly is as sacred as the water, as the same force and energy run through all things on Earth. The Lakota people believe in helping others and preserving the Earth and the ways of the sacred as much as possible. They believe in peace, equality, and justice, and respecting all of our brothers and sisters, regardless of skin color or nationality.


We all come from the Earth, so why treat any person or being with disrespect and lack of empathy? We all come from the same source, and the Lakota believe in treating everyone how you would want them to treat you. Care for others as you would yourself, because we’re all part of this circle of life. Compassion is important to the Lakota people, as they all work together and lean on one another for support and survival.

  1. Honesty

Important to all Native American tribes, honesty is integral to their way of life. The Lakota work together as a people, and the system would not function if dishonesty prevailed. They teach their young to live a righteous path, and not lie to themselves or others.


In this world today, we have greatly lost our sense of giving and generosity. We have the general mindset of “How will this benefit me?” or “What can I get out of this?” However, the Lakota people recognize that to give is to keep the Earth in balance, for we cannot just take, take, take and expect the planet to remain in alignment. They teach to give as much as you can, and to help your fellow brothers and sisters if they need assistance. Care for others like family, and only take what you need.


Another value this world could use much more, the Lakota live humbly and simply. They don’t believe in bragging or embellishing. They live according to the laws of nature, and nature never needs to overcompensate for anything. She just exists in her perfect harmony, without needing to show off or gain acceptance from anyone or anything. The Lakota believe in strength of character and honor, and both of these require great humility.


Finally, the Lakota value ancient wisdom and knowledge from sacred ways of life. They look back on the teachings of their ancestors and the great chiefs and leaders within their tribe in order to find the answers. Most importantly, they believe in the wisdom provided from Great Spirit and Mother Earth, and never stray from the knowledge that this subtle energy imparts on them.

So, now that you know more about the teachings of the Lakota, we hope that you will take some of these important lessons into your own life. As a collective, we carry the responsibility of protecting and honoring our sacred Mother Earth. She’s everything, for she gives us life, nourishment, and comfort. Without her, we wouldn’t survive, and we can all do better to truly protect her. She’s counting on us now more than ever to take a stand and make a change.


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