The Literary Drover No. 1243


In the age of Social Media the expressing of appreciation, gratitude, and thanks is an oddity; and such a rarity that those who engage in it become memorable and stand out from others.

When I undertook the promotion of my book SCENE OF A CRIME/FOR UNTO US I decided to do so in a way that has resulted in success for me: I chose to be appreciative, grateful, and thankful to those who aided me in the effort.

The first leg of the book tour focused on independent bookstores and booksellers, specifically those who offered the aforementioned book. I publically and privately expressed my appreciation, gratitude, and thanks for the fact they offered my writing. Some responded in kind. Others, perhaps expectedly, gave responses undeniably suspicious and accusatory. One bookseller went so far as to explicitly demand to know what it was I wanted of him and his bookstore.

Nothing, I replied. Beyond saying “Thank you”. The simplicity of the gesture provided cause for pause on his part and a rethinking of how he responded to people. A few days after our exchange he contacted me to tell me that he was promoting my book, and hoped that it would sell well. I again thanked him.

Recently I received an e-mail from him. He had read SCENE OF A CRIME/FOR UNTO US and was overwhelmed with emotion, and was compelled to tell me so. He said several other things, and finished his communication of praise and accolade with the desire to read more.

Proving kindness and courtesy can result in success.

As the next leg of this book tour is undertaken I plan to continue the practice of expressing appreciation, gratitude, and thanks to all those who help me achieve success, because I know doing so will result in success.

To those I have met on this journey, and to those I will meet: Thank you for this adventure. Thank you for your support.


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